Many people want a piece of jewelry with a personal touch. Choose a personal engraving that shows your style and that is a memory for life.

Today’s technology provides several different ways to perform engraving, and the most widely used today is laser- and hand engraving.

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Laser engraving is done using a PC connected to a laser engraving machine. The main job is to align/prepare the object in the machine and program the desired engraving. The power of the laser then burns away the metal that is programmed. State of the art laser machines prepared for hologram and 3D engraving will cost up to $ 50,000. We often use laser engraving where you require much text, small text, special symbols or engraving of logos, name logos and pictures.

We can scan or use digital photographs and transmit this with perfect results to all types of metal, plastic or composite materials. Medallions, keychains, cell phones, Apple / Android products, and AirPod cases are examples of popular objects engraved with a laser. The laser also gives a very nice result on trophies, cardholders, knives, watches, and all other steel objects, etc. There are almost no restrictions, all fonts and symbols found on the internet can be used.


Hand engraving is an old art form in which letters and symbols are carved by only using a small steel graver. The graver is pushed by the palm of the hand to cut through the metal and no machinery is used. By sharpening and controlling the gravers correctly you can create complex designs which take several hours to complete.

Historically hand engraving was used in printmaking - for book illustrations, newspaper prints, banknotes and map-making. Today these are mostly produced using modern technology and hand engraving is more commonly used for jewellery, trophies, musical instruments, guns and knives.

As technology developed, so did the graver, and many engravers now use a pneumatic air assisted hand piece instead of the old-school palm push technique. SDE uses an air assisted GRS graver for working on harder metals like steel, most commonly used on watches and hunting-weapons.

SDE also use a high-end Leica microscope whilst working, but some of our masters also still enjoy using a traditional head magnifier as it allows them to feel even more engaged with the work.

SDE can today hand-engrave all metals, including silver, gold, steel and platinum. Our main work consists of hand engraving family crest rings, monograms, inscriptions, signatures, antique/modern patterns, hunting-weapons and more.

The advantage of hand engraving is that you cut away deeper parts of the metal so that you get a more vibrant appeal. The work is time-consuming and there are not many master-engravers that still do this kind of craftsmanship.

SDE offers fast delivery time, and high-quality work at a competitive price.

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SDE sells classic christening/baptism/name day gifts in silver and gold. Multicolored silver/gold-plated enamel- and gold hearts and silver cutlery from traditional Norwegian and Scandinavian suppliers.

All items can be engraved with name and date.

We have a fixed low price on hand engraving of the classic Stork children's spoon. This traditional spoon has been produced in Norway since the 1920s, and is for many Norwegians a cherished memory for life. The spoon will be engraved with all the child's birth data.

Also included a free gift is a genuine silver bracelet that we will engrave with your child's name.

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The childs name and baptism/nameday date:Special greeting (not mandatory): 
Birthdate: (DD.MM.YY)
Weight:  (0000g.)
Length: (00.00)
Weight:  (0000g.)
Special greeting (not mandatory): (eg. Hugs from Grandma & Grandpa)
At what time was the child born:
Nfor night:from 24:00 - 06:00
Dfor day:from 12:00 - 18:00 
Mfor morning:from 06:00 - 12:00 
Efor evening:from 18:00 - 24:00

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